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Thursday, March 16

Back on the Road

Home for the next five months.

The five-month trip finally got under way after some mechanical issues which included the meeting and ride along with not one, but two tow truck drivers.  All in one afternoon.  A few days before the trip after doing some rewiring the Chinook decided not to start.  I couldn't trace the problem so had the rig towed to a car stereo place to remove the after market alarm system.  With the system twenty years old I'd been having some trouble with it recently and made the assumption, incorrectly, that this was the problem.  After determining that the alarm system wasn't the problem another tow was in order to the Ford dealership. Was a short of some type in the fuse box!  I'd checked and re-checked but didn't locate it.  I didn't get to talk with the actual mechanic but $284 dollars to Ford and two tows later.... I was back in business.  Tiffany was riding south with me for the first leg of the trip where we were headed to the Bay area for the first show. After my first trade show, I now have a completely different outlook on what happens at a trade show from the vendors perspective.  It's a lot of work!

Tiffany of Totally-Tiffany

After the first show, we were scheduled to be in Albuquerque in a week.  Next stop was Vegas where Tiffany would fly out en-route to Tampa where she'd be appearing on the Home Shopping Network Channel.  After Tampa, she'd fly back to Albuquerque where we'd meet up again.  In between Vegas and Albuquerque I'd be free to do what Petey and I signed up for.....roam about. While in Vegas though....we got married in true Vegas style, at a drive-thru chapel.  Just like going to McDonald's with a different outcome.  Can you believe someone would actually go through with it and marry me?  Go figure.  After 9 years together it was time.  Following day Petey and I were solo again with a week to roam.

Petey....somewhere in Arizona.

While out walking around ducked into this beautiful church during mass.

Petrified National Park....Arizona.

Next stop was somewhere I'd wanted to check out on previous trips to the Southwest but never seemed to make it happen.  Chaco Canyon ruins in New Mexico.  I should have come in here earlier while either on the motorcycle or with the truck camper.  This is not a road to be pulling a loaded trailer down as it's about 20 miles of rough dirt road getting here from the south.  The problem I had, and one I heard about, later on, was that all the product for the next trade show was covered in dust.  In forty miles you can pick up a lot of dust! Everything had to be wiped down.  I've promised the boss that this will be my last extended dirt road trip pulling her product.  The site is well worth visiting if you're into old Indian ruins and culture.  The sites are amazing and they have a nice primitive style campground nearby.

It was on to another show in Albequrque where we checked out the Old Town District one night.

After four days in Albequrque, I dropped Tiffany back off at the airport where she'd fly home before meeting me in Dallas at the end of March.  With over two weeks to kill, Petey and I were back in roam about mode.

My kind of establishment.

Posting outside the No Scum Allowed Saloon.  
Wonder if he lost it while inside drinking?

Lots of open country in New Mexico.

 Late night shot from an old cemetery where we camped for the night.

Spent a few hours checking out the tombstones and came across this.

 Currently in White Sands National Monument.

 Petey and I have been hiking and exploring the dunes most evenings.

After a long hike, Petey likes to nap on the way back to camp.

We'll be leaving here soon, en-route to God knows where, Carlsbad Caverns and Big Bend National Park before the next show in Dallas.


  1. I actually went to the Pleasanton show because you posted about it on WTW. I tried to talk to Tiffany but she was totally swamped with customers which I figured was good for business. I also got an eye opening experience on the insanity of the scrapbooking world (I went to buy a thank you for a crafty person I know who I owe big time and ended up spending way too much money on myself, but it was fun.) I was planning on going to Capitola New Brighton State Beach, but they closed it after the big storms, so I ended up going back home to the Sierra foothills. But I just wanted to say I enjoy your travel posts, and look forward to the adventures to come. Congratulations on your nuptuals. Doesn't seem like much of a honeymoon though. I adore the picture of Petey napping. What a great co-pilot.

    1. should have said hello. Would loved to have met you. Hopefully, Petey and I will have some upcoming adventures. Thanks for following along.

  2. Congrats on being smart enough to take her up on her proposal! :-)

  3. Congratulations! Travel safe and our best wishes.

  4. Congratulations Park!

    -Aaron J


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